My Dearest Child,

You are growing up in a world that is so much bigger than you that it can become intimidating and sometimes, frightening. In this world, you will discover that people are kind and unkind, helpful and selfish, imperfect and impartial. No matter where you go in this world, I want you to know that you are so loved. You were thought of before you even came into this world and you have a special purpose.

As you grow, you will realize that no one is perfect. People will fail you and disappoint you. Some of those will turn out to be the ones closest to you and the ones you least expected to fail. But it is during those times that you can learn how you want to be and take note of the kind of person you don’t want to be. Although you will notice how imperfect people will be, remember that you are also a person and you will have your own set of flaws. So be gracious and understanding.

We all have a beginning and we all have an end. We all know when we came into this world but we cannot be certain exactly how long we have here on this earth. So while many are encouraging you to enjoy life, don’t forget to make your life matter. Does that mean that you have to do everything on you bucket list? NO. Does that mean that you have to try every new thing out there or own the newest gadget? Of course not! Does that mean you must have fame and fortune? Absolutely not.

You can make your life matter by doing the things that matter.

Like being kind. Kindness will go a long way, my dear. And even when someone is unkind to you, be better – be kind in return. How about loving others? It is so easy to love those who love you but sometimes the person that needs the most loving is the one who seems unlovable. If you can master being kind and displaying love, then it will be much easier to tell others about the One who loves us all, Jesus.

Lastly, remember that your identity is not found in your friendships, in your looks, nor in your position. Your identity is found in God. You were created in the image of God. (Genesis 1:27) No matter what culture or the media or anyone else tells you, you were made bearing God’s image. And that is incredibly amazing and humbling.

Because you were created in God’s image, you were created perfectly. You don’t need to aspire to look like the models in the magazines or the most athletic person, although there is nothing wrong with looking like them. You may have moments when you feel like something is wrong with you – or something is out of place in your body. However, there is nothing sinful about being healthier or attempting to be fit. It is when we use others as our standard, which eventually leads us to comparing ourselves (or even questioning our being). No matter how you look, God created you and God is perfect. Therefore, He created you perfectly and with a purpose. So find your purpose in this life and fulfill it.

Love Always,