Why I began my Podcast

Hi Friends!

Hope you are officially into 2020 and have said your final goodbyes to 2019. At this time, I am usually stuck in a rut and dreading getting back into a regular schedule or routine but this time, it was different. I had been planning, praying, and preparing for my podcast to launch and it’s officially up!

YES! In case you didn’t know or don’t follow me on Social media where I do a lot of my updates, I started a podcast!!! It was so frightening but so encouraging to see so many of you reach out to me and tell me how excited you are for me and how you’ve already been encouraged. Thank you so much, friends!

Some time last year before summer, the Lord gave me a burden to reach out to a group of people that may be overlooked and under-appreciated. This group is young wives, young moms, and young ladies. I know, those are three different groups but the Lord was constantly putting them in my heart and mind.

So long story short, I knew that I wouldn’t be able minister to this group or these groups if I was still working on staff at my church. So my husband and I prayed and prayed and sought the Lord for guidance and we spoke to our Pastor and decided that it would be best for me to step down.

When God gives you a burden, He will keep giving it to you until you take it and use it for His honor and glory. So that’s what I desired to do. However, it just didn’t make sense because financially, we weren’t as many would consider “stable”. We have three children, we live in San Diego, and we work in ministry, which means our income is reasonable but it can still be a struggle at times. (Which is why we started on our debt-free journey last September, and can share on another blog post). And I can tell you the many times our bank accounts were at $0 and even negative and our only choice was to trust the only One who could really and truly provide for us — God.

So that is what we decided to do — to step out in faith, wholly, completely, and happily. I say happily because sometimes taking a leap of faith is difficult. Sometimes, we do it just because it’s our last resort but we were willing and ready to step out and trust the Lord and see His hand do a mighty work. Yes, we had our doubts and sometimes we still do, which proves we are human but we are not allowing our doubts to overcome us. Rather, we are allowing the promises from God’s Word to be ingrained in our hearts and minds.

So, here we are at 2020 and I am so excited about what the Lord has in store. There have already been trying times 15 days into this new year but God is good all the time and all the time, God is good!

Our hope is not tied to our occupations or finances but to our God, who supplies our every need.

This week, I published my first official episode on my podcast and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to check it out. My prayer is just to be an encouragement to any and all who come across the Making Today Matter Podcast. In a world and culture that’s constantly fighting for our attention, God has called me to help encourage and uplift ladies in whatever season they may be and endeavor to help them become the women that God created them to be — not who society or the culture or even the church may push them to be.

I don’t know who may be reading this right now but just as I said to my listeners on my podcast, “I prayed for you. I may not know who you are but God has given me a burden and passion to help encourage you in the Lord.” And I desire that you would join me in this journey.

You Matter.

Today Matters.

And God has called me to help you…

Make Today Matter.

Thanks so much of reading, Friends. Have a great rest of the week!

*You can find my latest episodes on my Podcast Tab!