My Last Words of Encouragement for 2020

Hey friends!

It has been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sure we all have stories to tell each other regarding what all took place this 2020. No doubt, this year will go down in history as memorable. Although it has been a very difficult year for so many, if you are still alive and reading this, that alone is proof that God has protected you. He didn’t need to but He chose to because He has a purpose for your life.

It can be really easy to focus on the negativity around us. But as believers in Christ, we are commanded to, “Be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.”

John 16:33 - These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. 

My word for 2020 was WORSHIP.

It’s pretty ironic how God used this word to help me stay focused. In the midst of a pandemic, a lot was being stripped away from our lives but this pandemic came as no surprise to the Savior of this world. I had to constantly remind myself that God was not up in Heaven twiddling His thumbs wondering what His next step was or what would occur next.

Our God is a God of order and while everything was chaotic here on earth, the same cannot be said in Heaven. Even in the valley, God is good. Even in the midst of a pandemic, God can still provide. Even when all seems lost, we can depend on the One Person who will never fail us — Jesus.

I took an unexpected break from blogging and podcasting a few months ago and wanted to prepare myself for what the rest of 2020 had in store. By God’s grace, I did not lose my job, my children were still able to attend school, both in-person and online, and our church was still able to have it’s doors open after about 20 weeks of just having online church. Even when government officials tried to “take away our worship” by closing down churches, little did these officials know that the church is not just the building, but it is the people. The building is simply a location for fellow believers to meet and worship the Lord together. And our God is BIGGER than any virus or pandemic that comes our way.

Although I respect everyone’s decision to worship online for as long as COVID exists, I believe there is something special about seeing your brothers and sisters in Christ. There is something healthy about still fellowshipping around the table with your loved ones and friends. I remember after about 20 weeks of not having in-person church services, our Pastor stepped out in faith and opened up the doors to our church for those who wanted to come worship in person. It was a very emotional time.

You know that quote, “You don’t know how much you have until it is gone”? Well, that proved true when worshipping online was the only option we had because of the new territory we were in. COVID was new to all of us and still is. But I pray that no matter what stage of life you are in spiritually, may you trust that God will protect you. After all, only He knows if you will get it and only He knows when it is time for you to pass. So rest in Him, my friend and let your faith in Him be bigger than your fear of this virus.

During my unexpected break, I took advantage of that time to get even closer to my Master and my Maker. Oh, what a sweet time! Although it wasn’t perfect, I know my Savior more intimately today than I did a year ago or even a few months ago. I have experienced His blessings that are far beyond what I could ever ask, think, or pray for. He has continually proven Himself faithful even when I was unfaithful to Him.

I’m sure that many of you desire to know your Savior more this 2021, which is why I have taken the time to come up with a FREE CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE READING SCHEDULE. Desiring to do this is great but actually doing it is so much better! And you won’t be alone because I will do go through this schedule with you!

So, go ahead and download the schedule and start tomorrow! You can go through the schedule using the FREE JOURNALLING PRINTABLE that I have been using for 2020 and let me tell you, it has been a total game changer for me. I’m not just saying that because I made it. I genuinely mean it!

BUT WAIT!!!!!!

Before you go, I wanted to encourage you with some things you might come across. These are merely meant to help you, not discourage you.

  1. If you are just starting with Bible Reading, you probably will not get through this schedule. It’s not easy reading through the Bible. In fact, it’s harder than some people think. You might miss a day, which can turn into two, three, four, or five days. Next thing you know, you have fallen behind so much that you might feel like giving up. BUT DON’T! Because….

2. …God does not expect PERFECTION, but progress. The only Perfect Being is God. We cannot be exactly like Him because of our sin. However, that shouldn’t stop us from striving to be more like Him. If it makes you feel any better, I did not read through the whole Bible in 2020. In fact, I am only in the book of Malachi. My goal at the beginning of 2020 was not to read through my Bible. It was to spend more quality time in it, which meant that I wouldn’t be able to follow an actual daily reading schedule. On some days, I could read chapters but on other days, I would only read one. It just depended on how hectic my schedule was. Oh, and if you have children, expect your Bible reading not to be perfect. But don’t let that discourage you or don’t use that as an excuse not to read the Bible.

3. Commit to having a consistent, uncompromising time with Jesus. It’s truly easier said than done. There will be times when your work schedule could compromise; or you family time could compromise but you need to stay committed to Jesus. However, in the event that you fail, get back up and start again.

Proverbs 24:16a – For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: 

The more time you spend in God’s Word, the more equipped you will be for the one life that God has given you.

You read that right! You only have one life to live. Why not use it to get to know the Person who made you and the Person whom you will spend eternity with? If you fall behind on this chronological Bible reading schedule or find it to be very difficult, don’t give up! This schedule is simply a guide to help you. If you take longer to finish it, that is totally fine. God is not going to penalize you. He is more concerned about you genuinely spending time with Him than He is with you checking off what chapters you read in your Bible for the day.

4. Change up the way you spend time with God. I encourage you to download a Bible app that comes with an audio reading. This is really beneficial for the times when your schedule is really hectic. You can play the audio while you are preparing breakfast or showering or commuting to work. My husband was able to read through His whole Bible for 2020 using a combination of audio Bible reading and actually opening up his physical Bible. As some say, “Whatever works for you, you do you!” But I do encourage you not to just do audio listening. There is something unexplainable when you actually open up your Bible and allow the words from that Holy Book to penetrate your heart, soul, and mind. If you’re like me and you like to mark up your Bible, then open it up. You will not regret it. If your schedule is so crazy, and you’re not able to open up your physical Bible at the moment, listen to the audio Bible and catch up on marking it later on.

So that’s it! Go download your Bible Reading Schedule and Journaling sheets today!

Praying you have a Blessed New Year!

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