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In a world where we often get confused as to what really matters in life, I am here to help remind you of what truly matters. I am here to encourage you with a simple truth: TODAY MATTERS because TOMORROW MATTERS.

As we’ve heard, tomorrow is not promised, therefore we must live today as if it were our last. Although that can be a good mindset, it’s not the best. When I am focused on the thought that this day might be my last, I become overly anxious because I feel pressed for time — I am stuck with the mentality that I have limited time to accomplish all that I would like to get accomplished. It’s frightening, not because I don’t know where I am going after I die but frightening because of the reality that I may not see some of my family members again; I may not see some of my friends again. It’s a scary thought and it’s a sad thought but its a real thought…

That is why I came up with Making Today Matter. Although one of my main goals is help moms and wives, it is my desire to be an encouragement to anybody who comes across this site.

The Motto here is…

“Making Today Count for a Better Tomorrow.”

Last year, this was just a dream. And today, it’s a reality. It’s hard to believe that this is coming to pass! Of course, it would not have been possible without the unwavering support of my loving husband and the vision given by my Heavenly Father. He gave me the idea of starting something like this and I hope and pray that as you come here, you would gain some encouragement and insight on how you can start a journey to a better life by “Making Today Matter” through Jesus, through others, and through you.

THROUGH JESUS. Without Him, we are nothing. He is the source of my strength, wisdom, knowledge, and so much more but most importantly, He is my Lord and Saviour. And I pray that He would be yours too.

THROUGH OTHERS. We need people! Without relationships, we can’t be who God made us to be and do what He wants us to do. We need the encouragement and fellowship. Just as God was so kind to not leave Adam alone in the garden, He, too, is so kind to give us family, friends, and community. Let’s not miss out on these bountiful blessings!

THROUGH YOU. Whether you believe it or not, God delights in using human instrumentality. If you are doubting that God could use someone like you, I hope that you would stick around long enough to realize that God isn’t looking for someone perfect but someone who realizes His need for the Perfect God.

This website is mainly about Marriage and Motherhood with Jesus and the Bible as our guides.