Here and Now or There and Then

Most dreams don’t become reality overnight. Most goals cannot be accomplished overnight. So in the meantime, keep working on yourself. Keep being teachable. Keep serving and giving back in any way you can. And remember, everything that you do can either help you reach your goals or hinder you from receiving the blessings that are waiting for you.

My Word for 2021

I am not sure what it is you are needing confidence in but could I encourage you to make sure that God is with you for the journey? He is so faithful. He is so caring and understanding. And when you fail or fall, He will be right there, ready to pick you up. You are more than enough and you are able and capable of doing what God has called you to do because it is He who has called you. Take comfort in that and finish the rest of this year with confidence!

Someday vs. Today

You see, so many focus on preparing for their future here on earth while failing to secure their future for eternity. Before we can go on trying to secure our earthly treasures, I believe it is more vital to secure our eternal treasures — beginning with our eternal destination.

Making Today Matter – Part 1

Your life has a blueprint and the Architect or Engineer of that blueprint is none other than God. He created you and He is capable and able to save you from a horrible eternity spent in hell. So, just as this dear mother entrusted the blueprint of her son’s life in the Father’s hand, you too can do the same, beginning today.