Encouragement in Times of Fear

I posted on my social media sometime ago,the following:


JudyLynn Cabal

There is something that I was afraid of for several months last year and I know that for some time, I allowed it to hinder me from trusting in the Lord and in what He can do. 

Because of fear, I resorted to pausing what He has laid on my heart, trusting in my strength and knowledge, and putting Jesus on the back burner.

“Faithlessness will bring us to a place of depletion, incompletion, and unsatisfaction. Faithfulness (not in what we do) but in Whom we place it in — this case, Jesus, will result in a life of extension, completion, and satisfaction.”

JudyLynn Cabal

“When we live by faith, it not only pleases Christ but it brings us to a place of humility. It reminds us that we are but dust.”

When we live in fear, it is not pleasing to Christ because perfect love casteth out fear and Jesus = Perfect Love.

No doubt, at one time or another in your life, you’ve been afraid. Maybe you are about to step into this exciting journey called Marriage. You kind of know what to expect but at the same time you don’t; or maybe you have just welcomed a new bundle of joy into your family or are about to. You have all the “feels” right now — afraid, excited, nervous, inadequate, worried, and maybe already exhausted.

Or maybe this whole situation with the coronavirus is making you fearful, anxious, and losing hope. I don’t make light of the deaths that have occurred. It truly is sad.

As a Christian, the most powerful tool I have in times like this is prayer. We can buy all the toilet paper, sanitizer, rice, canned goods or other foods and supplies in the world but without prayer, we are just going about it with our own strength. And believe me, our own strength, knowledge, and power is not enough. We need something [Someone] more powerful and more knowledgeable and that is Jesus.

He knows what is before us and He knows what is ahead of us. I would rather trust an unknown future to a known God than to trust in anything else or anyone else.

No matter what stage you’re in or how fearful you are, I truly believe these verses will be beneficial to your life, whether you’re a Christian or not. So take note and take comfort and be hopeful in God’s Word and Who He is.

So if you are afraid…

pray and meditate on these encouraging Scriptures.

Lastly, remember to put others first. As Believers, it is during these difficult times that we can really demonstrate the love of Christ. It is during these times that we can show the world that OUR GOD knew about everything before it even began. And He is sovereign and He is able to sustain us. It is during these times that we can put our faith to the test.

So keep praying, keep trusting, and keep showing the love of a Christ.


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